The Impact of Social Media such as Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter and Instagramto Teens of Today

News 10:12 December 2023:

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Nowadays there are several social media applicationsand some of them are Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. These are not only available in one country but now being used globally.These are applications wherein not only computer experts as well as professionals are using but also those who are in the younger generations of a human race, the teens.  These are where they can explore, share and even expose ideas and concerns and these activities are said to be the vital components of social media.

Applications such asFacebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are only some of those so many social media applicationswhere many users and followers are communicating virtually.  Adults performed conversation regarding their businesses through Facebook, Twitter, and even Snap-chat. Mostly young ones or the teens can do secret communication with their friends or colleagues also through Facebook, Twitter, and Snap-chat.  Videos exclusively for somebody or a group of people can be viewed through Snapchat and even through Facebook.  Pictures and any other graphic presentation can be shown by the presenter and can be seen by a particular individual or particular crowd through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snap-chat. A lot of things really can be done, can be shown can be seen, with or without consent through Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat,Facebook, and any other social media.

With this current trend of the use of these different social media, parents or even guardians of those younger users and followersmust be very much aware of what could be the great impact of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, and all other online communications to the teens of today.  Even these teens should be aware of what could be the impactsof having an online interaction through social media. They may be good or bad, positive or negative. But what could be these impacts? Are these all negative or positive?  Impacts can be expressed in both ways for there could be no positive if there is no negative.

In a positive point of view, the following could be the impact. These social media can make the teens of today sensitive enough to know what is currently happening around them.  They could be more expressive in exposing their ideas for they know that followers can appreciate them.  Teens of today can be of somebody with an initiative to extend help to others.  They could possess a great mind for they can expand things to something cannot be done manually. The self-esteem of concernedteens can be boosted through those online comments that seemed to be so encouraging.  Socialization manner can be developed through any of these social media, and so those teens who are sufferingfrom pessimism may experience optimism. Those who got affected by the moods of friends can develop a compassionate attitude.  School activities can easily be recorded and can be uploaded to YouTube wherein most of the teenagers are watching videos.  Seeing a kind of activity can be of motivation to someone,  having in mind that if others can do it, he or she can do it too.  Even those who are in different places can have connectivity with each other.

The following are the negative impact of most of the social media. Most of the time, teenagers spend so much time in viewing something from social media applications.  Because of this, most teens suffer eye-problem.  We all know that too much exposure to any gadgets may cause a defect in any of our organs.  Gaining weight can also be one of the negative impacts, for prolonged sitting without any exercise may end up to obesity.  A relationship with the wrong person can be developed for they can communicate with strangers through social media.There are times that posting of pictures in Instagram as well as in Snapchat are edited and obviously not real.  This might be a misleading factor to others.  There could also be cyber-bullying through these social media that greatly affect the mental health of young generations.

In totality, social media have impacts in two waysto teenagers, the positive as well as the negative.  So even though teens of today should be on the trend of the technology, adults must still be there, if not to supervise but at least to oversee what their teens are reaching out.

4 Social Media Platforms to Consider In Event Organizing and Planning

Other than event planning, event planners have quite a lot do. They must ensure maximum coordination and execution of all facets of events and meetings. There are a number of responsibilities that come with event planning that the planner must be able to handle to ensure successful events. Event planning will actually require any event planner to thoroughly understand all the market potentials out there. According to Entrepreneur magazine, event planners serve the business market and social market segments. In the social market perspective, social media has brought a drastic change in the event planning sectors. It has become a thoughtful way for event planners to plan, market and executes their events. It is vital for every planner to keep up with the speed at which social media is moving and updating. We have a number of various social media platforms that can make event planning easier and affordable.


Using the Facebook page event planning blueprints can be an extraordinary experience for event planners. It gives events planners’ activities a personal touch even though it’s a business page. Using Facebook for your event planning business market, you don’t want to be too formal and stiff. Make your followers feel like they are connected to a real person. You can share personal thoughts and ideas to achieve this. Use friendly photos that lets your followers get the sense of you as an individual, not just a business. Mix your posts on Facebook to attract traffic. Let your posts vary from uplifting and inspirational posts, educational and posts to sell your products and services. 


Snapchat will also boost the awareness of your services or products and reach as many audiences as possible. Every planner should consider this social network that will help in building a presence that appeals to the young audience. Snapchat has a variety of advantages for event planners. Nothing can do wonders than a visual marketing content for your event planning business. This photo and video sharing app will help you connect with your audience. Planners should use Snapchat not only with the aim of boosting ultimate registration and attendance but also get the opportunity to share one sales opportunity after another.


This is another image-laden social media network that brands get an outstanding experience. Instagram will give u a quick and easy platform to promote your events and engage attendees. Instagram gives a real focus on the power of pictures due to its simple and uncluttered interface. It is an amazing tool to use in the event planning market. To depict the event production process, use images or videos to share your service narratives. Take advantage of the Instagram network by creating a college of exciting happy moments’ photos of attendees. This will help you communicate to the audience that your services can truly provide a valuable networking experience. You can also make it lovelier by sharing relevant informational content to potential attendees.


This social network will also give an exemplary experience to the event planners. Considering taking advantage of the social platforms available today, Twitter is one network you will never want to miss out. This social networking site has more than 232 million active monthly users, making it a powerful tool to prioritize in marketing your services or products. Your services will be known out there and create will give thousands of followers who will end up contacting you for their upcoming events. Just use it wisely by employing the tactics most powerful business has used to succeed in this words competitive market.

To sum up, a combination of these social media networks will help you establish your event planning business and keep it growing even stronger in the market. You can use all of them at once. when You post on one, you can share on others. It’s just that simple.

A bit of advice

When using social networks, bear in mind that the audience wants to feel you as a person. Try as much as possible to get back to them every time you post or share your ideas. Be ready to receive any kind of feedback. It can be good or sometimes uglier. This should not scare or limit you. Give a response straight away to any suggestion whether positive or negative.