Social Media Plays a Role in the Music Industry

News 10:12 December 2023:

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Music is healthy, it is a moral law, and has healing power that helps your mind to fly and give soul to the universe. The Music industry has improved gradually over the years. Today, the industry is unrecognizable compared to a few years back. There is a remarkable change brought about by the advancement in technology and social media. Social media has given the industry a tremendous growth and has made it more inclusive. Unlike in the past, when new artists would have minimal chances for their music to be heard, the social media has given a great opportunity for them. With the evolvement of technology and internet, quite a number of new platforms where music can be published and shared has evolved significantly.

Music platforms like soundclound and Spotify has given a recommendable experience for the upcoming artists in the music industry. Soundlclound for example, has given opportunity for the underground producers and musicians to share their piece with the outside world. Today, almost every artist in the music industry has made soundclound a go-to place. It is now a platform that even the major studio recording artists has opted for. Soundclound gives you a chance to share exclusive audio contents. This platform has gained popularity since it gives you an opportunity to record and share up to 120 minutes audio content. Behind youtube, soundclound has now become the biggest streaming music platform in the world.

On the other hand, Spotify is another platform integrated with social sharing. It does not give you a feature to publish your piece but it’s a cool one where music streaming is concerned. Spotify beautifies the world of music even more. Thanks to the music industries’ top record labels, Spotify has become the most successful platform with about 10 million global subscribers every month. Spotify gives the subscribers an extra benefit where they are able to get free listening experience when offline. With this media platform, users can subscribe to the public playlists and follow popular artists around the world and they are able to get track of what their followers are listening to. Spotify can attract a quite impressive following if properly maintained and promoted.

Social media has presented an interesting opportunity to the music fans helping the music artists a great deal. Today it has become very easy for the music fans to turn to platforms such as Facebook and twitter to keep an update about their favorite bands. Fans are using social media to form communities where they congregate to share varied experiences about various bands and artists.The media is making artists find new ways for benefit every day.

Vimeo has also played a vital role in the transformation of the music industry. When it comes to hosting online videos, vimeo has a clear aesthetic video genres, which makes it attract about 70 million unique visitors every month. With Vimeo, the primary focus is on the video giving it an outstanding experience in streaming high quality music videos. Music fans have variety of advantages brought about by the social media in the music industry. On Vimeo, there are no distractions brought up by commercials or banners before your video starts. The platforms has also helped the artists as far as privacy before music release is concerned. It allows you to set up a password to protect your videos so you can only share with friends before going public.

To wrap up, social media presents an interesting opportunity to the music artists and fans. We are no longer living in that era where you would have to wait until the album is out for you to listen to the music, or upcoming artists to look for a studio to record and publish new music. Many might have a different opinion on the same, but I would say that this era of nontraditional routes to market has really been of great help in the music industry. It’s now a world of fun. You can record and share your music on either of the social platforms available in the market today, and by the time you are releasing your album you are already hitting the market. All you need to do is to spare a little bit of your time to join and subscribe to any media platform you prefer and you are done!

Media Platforms Transforms the World of Business

Every year, social media usage on mobile devices goes up to 30% and many businesses that are aware we live in a competitive world has taken advantage of this fact to maneuver into the global world market. A modern business would know that more and more people are joining social media sites and are using them efficiently. The industry is becoming bigger than ever thought before. It is actually here to stay. With the evolvement of several media platforms, businesses are growing rapidly each day.

For example, media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have taken the business experience to another height. Just take your pick and see, how many people are visiting these or other numerous social networking sites that are dominating the virtual world today? At least you know two or more people addicted to social media. Today Facebook has become the most convenient platform for businesses due to traffic. To create a business page on Facebook is a walkover and no charges included. This means if you are able to generate traffic, then you’ve already won new buddies for your business who might end up buying from you.

Twiter, on the other hand, has rage benefits for business that complement other social platforms. Twitter will help you give your followers a hint on what your business is about. It creates a platform for both business owners and clients. Business people can use Twitter to communicate special offers or new products to the target market which potentially leads to mass sales.

Snapchat is another household name in the social media platforms market. One may wonder how Snapchat relates to the business world and is being used to boost sales. Snapchat can boost your business in a variety of ways. You can build up an engaged following with Snapchat, increase loyalty, and hike the visibility of your brand. With Snapchat, users are the ones that set up direction and the pace. You don’t have to share just gorgeous products photographs, but focus on immediate and personal.

Tumblr also can be a great choice for business. When working with other social media sites, Tumblr adds quiet a number of benefits to the user. Having more than 131 million blogs, Tumblr is rated one of the top sites in the United States. Tumblr is useful for business growth due to its power to attract traffic to a business website. It just begins and completes by effortlessly sharing anything. It can be photos, links and post texts to promote your business.

Music is another business you will never leave out when talking about business in the world today. Just like any other business, artists have also adopted some of the social media networking platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo and others available in the market out there to promote what they are best at. Considering a platform like sound cloud, with its free promotion feature, it has really helped musicians in a most significant way. Soundcloud will help you get noticed.

Over the recent past, YouTube has also gained popularity in the world of business. Unlike before when it was well known for personal video viewing, today YouTube is serving as a valuable tool for business growth. The site is viewed by nearly 160 million users, making it a perfect tool to reach the business’s target market. Being one of the largest video search engines in the globe, businesses can take advantage of this by adding a video with information on the services the products you have on offer.  

Considering the fact that there are around 3 million people using the social network today, many businesses are able to maneuver and survive in the world’s most competitive market. Today people are likely to follow brands more than celebrities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, soundcard and other platforms. A business that is not taking advantage of the social networks available today is missing out on the most effective and affordable way to reach almost half of the world’s population. The benefits of using social media range from increasing brand awareness, establishing the brand as a thought leader, humanizing the brand, meeting partners with influence to promoting your content and much more benefits that come along with business promotion through the social media networks.